Conference Dinner

Please note: Bookings for the conference dinner are now full.

The conference dinner will take place on Friday 7th July at Blists Hill Victorian Town, one of the ten museums in the Ironbridge Gorge World Hertiage Site. Join us for this unique opportunity to explore the museum after hours, and experience life as it was over 100 years ago through the sights and sounds of a recreated Victorian Town.

conservation-of-the-industrial-revolutionThe museum opened in 1973 and was built on the site of what was once a thriving 18th and 19th century industrial area. The site was originally home to brick works, blast furnaces and coal, iron and fire clay mines. The area was rich in many of the raw materials that enabled the local industries to prosper, and created the perfect conditions to spark the  industrial revolution in the mid 18th Century.

Blists Hill Victorian Town was created around these original mines, factories and furnaces – buildings that still survive today. To blistshill-aim_1638retcomplete the living museum, original buildings from the era were painstakingly moved and rebuilt brick by brick from other areas within the Gorge, further replica buildings were erected, such as the pharmacy and school house, and were filled with Victorian characters to provide a full experience of life in Victorian Britain.

The conference dinner is an optional extra and will cost £30 per person which includes food, a drink and exclusive after hours access of the Blists Hill museum.

Take a look at an illustrated map of the Blists Hill Victorian Town site here: Map of the Museum Site

Images courtesy of Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust

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