Please click on the links below to browse a selection of abstracts for BRIDGE: The Heritage of Connecting Places and Cultures.

Abdolazim Amirshahkarami and Maliheh Mehdiabadi:

The Importance of Road and Bridge Engineering in Ancient Persia

Alastair Noble, UK:

‘Compleating the Union’ and the Construction of Bridges in the Post-Culloden Highlands

Alessandra Tosone, Matteo, Abita and Danilo, Di Donato, Italy:

The Lost Heritage of Iron Bridges in the Eternal City

Alessandro Stocco, Italy:

The Golden Horn Metro Crossing Bridge in Istanbul: Between Development and Universal Values

Alexander Heid and Christopher Tallman, USA:

Landscape Architecture as Bridge Between People, Knowledge, and Place

Alistair Black, USA:

Bridging the Two Cultures: The architecture of the new British Library at St. Pancras

Ali Ulvi Altan, Turkey:

Functional Assesment of New Bridges in Qualified Areas

Cultural Impact Assesment Process of Halic Metro Crossing Bridge

Amrita Madan, Sindhuree Iyengar, India:

A tale of…two bridges,two participates,two cities and two states, Bridges as landscapes of cultural and political identity

Ana Porok, Slovenia:

Plečnik’s Bridges in Ljubljana

Andrea Valori, Italy:

The problem of the difficult bridges

Andrew McClelland and Mark Boyle, Ireland:

Refashioning a Contested Historic City: The case of ‘post-conflict’ Derry~Londonderry

Ann Maudsley, Sweden:

The Role of Bridges in Uniting and Dividing Communities Separated By Water in London, Stockholm and Melbourne

AnnaMarie Bliss and Carla Santos, USA:

Voices from Olivença and the Oliveça Bridge: A contested heritage between Portugal and Spain

Anna Mistewicz, Poland:

The first permanent bridge over Vistula river in Warsaw and its history seen through the eyes of photographers in pictures from the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland

Anne Delano Steinert, USA:

How Did That Ever Get There?: Locating the Covington-Cincinnati Bridge in the Industrializing City

Anni Turnbull, Australia:

The Sydney Harbour Bridge: Through the eyes of artists and writers

Antonia Koukouvelou,

Bridges are landscape infrastructure elements. A method for connecting a bridge with landscape and infrastructure

Antonio Soukef:

Bridges and Walkways for the Passage of Pedestrians

Ashish V Trambadia, Poonam A Trambadia, India:

Ellisbridge: the connection of growth from walled city to megacity Ahmedbad

Astrid D’Eredita, Italy

Ponte Girevole in Taranto: the Swing Bridge between a city with many souls

Atefeh Razmjoo, Iran:

Socio-economic importance of the bridges in Iran’s tribal nomadic region: A case study from Fars,south-central Iran

Azza Mustafa Babikir Ahmed, Sudan:

Presentation title: TEA, LOVE, AND PUBLIC ORDER: An Ethnographic Glimpse of Tuti Island’s Under Bridge

Balaji Venkatachary, India:

Ram Setu: The Indian cultural landscape of Ramaâs bridge

Beniamino Polimeni, UK:

Preserving the Historical Structures of Cheonggyecheon River: A proposal for the restoration of the Supyo Bridge

Bill Harvey, UK:

A life in bridges

Bob Daimond, UK:

The Menai Strait – Obstacle or Corridor?

Bob Clarke, UK:

The Air Bridge

Brian Rosa, USA:

The City Below: Elevated Railways and the British Urban Landscape

Bruce Watson:

Heavenly work on earth: medieval bridge building as an act of piety

Camilo Contreras, Mexico:

People and Coal:The railway bridge support and witness the development of the coalfield Coahuila, Mexico

Camilo Conde Aldana and Alejandro Valderrama Herrera, Colombia:

Building bridges and weaving networks: Connecting places, cultures and knowledge through the traditional weaving with Wayúu women in Colombia

Carly Guest, UK:

Remembering the ‘Bridge of Peace’: Women’s stories of peace, solidarity and feminism

Caroline M. Wisler, USA:

International vs. Local Narratives: The Political (Mis)appropriation of the Bridge Metaphor in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Catherine Hoggarth, UK:

Gathering Movement and Memory: An exploration of Rome’s Tiber bridges

Ceri Houlbrook, UK:

Unlocking the Love-Lock

Cezary Bednarski:

Bridge as a tool of Urban Acupuncture

Chao-Shiang Li, Taiwan:

A tale of two bridges in Hutong, Taiwan. The Convergence between the industrial past and the commodified present

Charles Laurier, Japan:

Bridges in Modernizing and Militarizing Japan

Chen Zhou, China:

The research on the bridge cultural tourism-Taking Chinese ZhaoZhou Bridge for example

Christopher Koziol, USA:

The Ups and Downs of Chicago s Bascule Bridges: From transport necessity to placemaking resource

Chris Landorf, Australia:

Bridging space, place and power in a mining community

Christopher McHugh, UK:

Sunder Land: Exploring the changing iconography of River Wear bridges through Sunderland pottery

Christopher Tallman and John Koepke, USA:

Gidaazhoganikemin “WE MAKE A BRIDGE”: Landscape Architecture Practice as Social Bridge Building

Claudine Deom, Canada:

A Cultural Landscape of Bridges

Constantin Canavas, Germany:

Misperceptions of Bridges

Coralie Acheson, UK:

#Ironbridge – The role of the Iron Bridge in the visual communication of tourist narratives on social media

Crisitna Matouk, México:

Bridge Ojuela, 1898. Mapimí, Durango, México

Damian J. Kulash, USA:

On the Money: Bridge imagery on coins

Daniel Strack, Japan:

When Architecture and Literature Collide: Metaphorically enhanced bridge depiction from the River Kwai to Madison County

Danielle Delon, Trinidad and Tobago:

Bridges of Trinidad and Tobago

Danielle Willkens, USA:

Bringing History to Life: LiDAR and digital modeling for the spatial reconstruction of Selma’s ‘Bloody Sunday’ on the Edmund Pettus Bridge

Dario Foppoli, Italy:

The Knowledge of a Three Arched Stone Bridge

David de Haan, UK:

The Coalbrookdale Iron Bridge – the transition from wood to cast iron

David Harrison, UK:

The Rise and Fall of the Medieval Stone Bridge

David McFetrich, UK:

Turner’s British Bridges

David Prochaska, USA:

Jewelry in Mykonos Bridging Museum Culture and Tourist Economics

Dawn Duensing, UK:

Hawaii’s Hana Belt Road: 74 bridges in 60 miles

Denis Gojak, Australia:

The Timber Truss Bridges of New South Wales, Australia: Conservation challenges

Denise Santos and Nuno Martins, Portugal:

Bridge over the Tagus: Urban transformation and social segregation

Dennis Wardleworth, UK:

Bridges, Engineering, Architecture and Empire: Dorman, Long and Co in the 1920s and 30s

Desmond Kraege, Switzerland:

Celebrating Engineering, Commerce, Roman Emperors or French Kings? Hubert Robert’s Imaginary Triumphal Bridges

Dilek Darby, Turkey:

Galata Bridge as a physical and social construct in the collective memory of Istanbul residents

Eamonn Cannon, Ireland:

Flannery bridge: The contribution of early prestressing to international collaboration in structural engineering

Eberhard Pelke, Germany:

The main directions taken by road bridges in the 20th century

Ebrahim Raiygani, Iran

Arjan Bridge: A structures in the transmission of ideas, soldier and goods between southwestern Iran and Mesopotamia in the era of Sassanid and Islamic.

Ece Kaya, Australia:

Pyrmont Bridge: Symbolic marker in the industrial landscape of darling harbour

Eduardo Oliveira, Brazil:

The Ponte do Silvestre (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil): A junction of technology, iconography and heritage

Edvin Lamce, Kosovo:

“Bridges that divide…” How bridges divide people and ethnic groups in the Balkans of 2017

Elina Manushi, Lorenc Basho, Bianka Beka, Albania:

PARANOIA: Connecting through disconnected places.

Emanuela Zilio, Roberto Maggioni, Anna Giorgi, Italy:

UNESCO sites: Cultural, natural and structural bridges in the Alpine Macroregion

Emanuela Zilio, Italy:

WWI – The Water Connection

Emek Ergun, USA:

Building Translational Bridges in Search of Transnational Connectivities and Transgressive Solidarities

Emily Makas, USA:

The Bridge Metaphor for Bosnia

Eric Gobetti, Italy:

Stari Most and Bruce Lee. Symbols, myths and reality between division and coexistence in Mostar

Evangelos Chrysagis, UK:

‘Crazy Waters’: The Sliding Bridge in Chalkida, Greece

Evrydiki Katsali, Greece:

The Evripos channel and its bridges over the centuries

Francesco Zavatti, Sweden:

Economic Ruin, War, Environmental Disaster, Loss of National Sovereignty. The Fears Connected to the Oresund’s Bridge in the Twentieth Century

Fredric L Quivik, USA:

Steel Bridges on the Great Plains: Connecting the Desolate Plains with Industrial America, 1880-1920

Furan Cao, China (IIICH, UK)

Research on the National Iconographies and Cultural Heritage Values Forged by the Wuhan Yangtze Great Bridge

Flavio,Carsalade; Diomira,Faria; Frederico, Marinho; Paulo, Siffert; Josiane, Barbosa, Brazil:

Building bridges through culture

Gareth Evans and Rada Djermanovic, Serbia:

Perception of ownership of Most na Adi in Belgrade

Gediminas Lankauskas, Canada:

The Vanishing of “Ordinary Soviet People” and Socialist Forgetting on the Green Bridge of Vilnius, Lithuania

Gert Jan Luijendijk, Netherlands:

Amsterdam: City of bridges

Giacomo Tabita, Italy:

Historical narration in the urban context. Display of an ancient useless bridge as an open-air museum in Sicily.

Giovanna Rita Bellini & Saverio Urciuoli, Italy:

Real Ferdinando Bridge

Giusy Sica, Italy:

Bridge across borders, bridge across our ideas

Graham McLaren and Kayla Rose, UK:

The ornament of Bristol and the wonder of the age’: Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge and a Regional Design Heritage

Gregory Gan, Canada:

Burning Bridges: Ambivalent metaphors of Russian State Power as seen through the symbolism of bridges as contentious political spaces

Gwen Burnyeat, UK:

Bridge-building in Transitional Geopolitical Conjunctures: Colombia’s Hidden Peace Processes

Heather Braiden, Canada:

Construction albums and bridge photography: Defining, protecting, and splitting the local landscape in post-confederation Canada

Heng-an Su, Taiwan:

Bridgescape: A Represented Terroir in Taiwan

Hisham S. Gabr, Aliaa AlSadaty and Lamiaa Shehata:

Bridges in Historic Areas: Juxtaposition of value and incongruity

Howard Bossen, USA:

The Forth Bridge: Picturing a marvel in steel that spans water, time and cultures

Hulya Sonmez Schaap, Qatar:

The Bridge as a Witness to life, Comrade to people and an Essential piece of a city

Hulya Yuceer, Turkey:

Bridges as Legacy of the Past and Symbolic Elements of Today’s Landscape: Varda Viaduct in Adana, Turkey

Hussein Khalaf and Haluk Aktan, USA:

Verifying Automated Prestressed Concrete Design Software for MDOT Bridge Design Standards

Ian Berger and David Greenfield, Australia:

Ian Berger and David Greenfield

Ian Brodie, Canada:

Painting the Trestle: Adolescent negotiation of space and place

Irena Weber, Slovenia:

Urban fragments and heritage connectivity: the case of the pedestrian Butchers’ Bridge on Ljubljanica river

Ivan Marowa, Zimbabwe:

Musukwe Bridge: A landscape of changing socio-political and symbolic meanings

Ivan Grinko, Russia:

Bridges in contemporary museum: objects, symbols, functions

Ivy Maria Lim and Wu Bing Sheng, Singapore:

The Bridges of Puyuan: A Look at Bridge-Building and Local Networks in the Town of Puyuan, Zhejiang, China

Jacqueline Naismith, New Zealand:

Pedestrian bridges, walking routes and placemaking: Contemporary and historical examples from New Zealand.

Jayashree Shamanna and Martina Bacarella, USA:

Harrison Ave Bridge: The Life and death of a small town icon

Jeffrey L. Beard, USA:

Indifference, Bobbie Gentry and Tallahatchie: Gothic fascination for decayed, neglected and abandoned spans

Jeffrey L. Beard, USA:

A Tale of Three Arches: Grosvenor (Chester, UK); Union/Cabin John (Washington, DC, USA; and Adolphe (Luxembourg, LU)

Joan Buchanan, UK:

Borderlands, Bridges and Belonging: the Tamar Bridges as a vehicle for cultural heritage valorisation

John Wyatt Greenlee, USA:

The Bridge to Scotland: Matthew Paris and the Politics of Mapping Imagined Bridges in 13th Century Britain

Jon Volkmer, USA:

A Bridge to the Past: Mapping Wilson Trail

Jonathan McDowell, Nye Parry and Madi Boyd, UK:

Playing the Bridge: exploring the sonic potential of Hull’s swing bridge as a giant musical instrument

John Laurence Busch, USA:

Steam Bridges: Revolutionary Linkages Using the First High Technology in History

Jianmin Li, Singapore:

Withstanding Time, Connecting Cultures: The Elgin Bridge in Singapore

Joost Coté, Australia:

The Red Bridge: A bridge to national liberation

Juan Shen, China:

Bridge Ba

Judit Erika Magyar, Japan:

Amanohashidate, the Bridge of History and Cultures

Judy Jones, UK:

Rebuilding Elland Bridge


Karen Astwood, New Zealand:

Beyond engineering achievement: Heritage New Zealand’s recognition of why bridges are important

Katherine Russell, Australia:

Crossing a Desert River

Kate Lynch, UK:

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct: ‘The bridge that joins’

Kayla Dettinger, Canada:

Bridging the Border Cities: A History of Windsor and its Twentieth-Century Cross-Border Relationship

Kamila Zacharuk, Poland:

Cultural heritage as a reason of misunderstanding. Poles from right- and left-bank of Ukraine

Kevin Moore

The Humber Bridge: engineering triumph and cultural icon

Komson Teeraparbwong, Thailand:

3 bridges/ 3 periods/ 3 stories: revisiting socio-spatial quality and the role of “Kua” or “Sa-parn” over Ping River’s communities, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Krupa Rajangam, India:

Looking forward, looking back: Narratives of hope and glory from the bridge at Hampi World Heritage Site, India

Lara Slivnik, Slovenia:

Hradecky Bridge: The Story of the oldest three-hinged bridge still in use

Laura A. Macaluso, USA:

The Bridge in Antebellum America: Natural Bridge in Virginia and Ithiel Town’s Lattice Bridge in Connecticut

Lindy Stiebel, South Africa:

Bridging the Indian Ocean: In conversation with Lindsey Collen, writer from Mauritius

Lokesh Ohri, Germany:

Suspended Beliefs: Wire Suspension Bridges in the Himalayas

Luke Heslop, UK:

Bridging a liquidity surplus: infrastructure development and the case of the China-Maldives (everlasting) Friendship Bridge

M. William Steele, Japan:

New Bridges for a New Japan

Magdalena Ozarska, Poland:

The Rialto Bridge and the Charles Bridge in 19th Century Women’s Travelogues

Manuel Patzke, Germany:

Bridges as Barriers – The role of bridges in the Yugoslav wars of succession

Marco Luitprandi, Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto and Luca Nicola Vascon, Italy:

Flowing through the bridges of Venice: A virtual bridge to heritage reality

Marcus Jecock and Lucy Jessop, UK:

The Historic bridges of the River Aire and The case of Tadcaster Bridge

Margaret Stetz, USA:

Bridge Across a City, Bridge Across Time: The Book of New York Verse, 1917

Maria Balodimou, Greece:

The Network of the 19th c. Stone Bridges in the Mountainous area of Zagori, Epirus, North Western Greece

Marie-Charlotte Le Bailly and Nadia Babazia, Belgium:

Red Star Line. Bridge to a safe Home

Marina Svensson, Sweden:

New Perspectives on Taishun’s Covered Bridges: Local memories, heritagization and the role of social media

Mario Andrea Valori, Italy:

The problem of the difficult bridges

Mark Langridge, Canada:

New Bridges in a Canadian World Heritage Site: An Architect’s Perspective

Mark Watson, United Kingdom:

World Heritage Bridges in Steel: Types linking communities

Mark Whitby, United Kingdom:

The Ordsall Chord

Maryam Molaei and Mozaffar Zarrinkouh, Iran:

Bridge as a communication node The case of Safavid bridge in Karaj near Tehran

Mattias Legnér, Sweden:

Unifying rhetoric, dividing reality? Mitrovica Bridge, Kosovo

Maya Guez:

Paris’ bridges as Life and Death Arteries

Meighen Katz, Australia:

Bridges and Curves: Female artists and the fascination with urban engineering

Mervat Abdel-Nasser, Egypt:

Hermopolis: The art of bridging the world with an idea

Michael C. Wilson, Canada:

Bridges as Corridors and Filters: A Biogeographic and Ecological Perspective

Michele Sbacchi, Italy:


Mikael Strömberg, Sweden:

Popular Entertainment as Bridge

Mithilesh Kumar, India:

A Bridged Air: Imagining Empire and War through Air Routes


Natsuko Akagawa, Japan:

The Bridge: Embodiment of pleasure, enlightenment, guilt, agony and death

Ndanji Lesetedi and Olivia Molefe, Botswana:

Development, Connecting Places and Cultures in Southern Africa the Kazungula Bridge Project (KBP), Botswana

Nermina Katkić, Bosnia and Herzegovina:

The Symbolism of the new Old Bridge in Mostar

Nicholas Temple, UK:

Tracing Heidegger’s Bridge in the Pons Neronianus, Rome

Nick Pollard, Joseph Butler, Ruth Fuller and Bill Hewlett, UK:

Crossing The Thames At Walton

Nigel Baker, UK:

Crossing Sabrina: Archaeology, history and the bridges of the River Severn

Njabulo Chipangura, Zimbabwe:

Spirituality and community attachment with Birchenough Bridge, Eastern Zimbabwe

Nora Prekazi Hoti and Lulzim Hoti, Kosovo:

The Ibar Bridge: Dividing or connecting Serbs and Albanians in Mitrovica, Kosovo

Opudo Dennis Okeyo, Kenya:

Building bridges as social constructs in the African context

Patrick Fitzgerald, Northern Ireland:

Across the Bridge of Hope: Crossing divides in an Irish migration context

Paul Belford, UK:

Under the arches: urban life, art and contemporary archaeology

Paul Yandle, USA:

At the very moment the accident happened: Coping with changes in physical and imagined landscapes along railways of the American Appalachians

Paula Matiz, Colombia:

Bridge of Sighs: Bridge as a boundary

Penny Grennan, UK:

Was your bridge made in China?

Peter McCurdy, New Zealand:

Wood, Steel & Thousands of Rivets: the Last of the Waitemata Steam Ferries

Peter McKeague:

A Review of the evidence for English bridge chapels

Peter Merrington, UK:

Inhabiting the four level stack

Plácido Muñoz Morán, Spain:

Walking pathways: The heritage that crosses the Strait of Gibraltar

Popescu Cornel, Cirjan Marius, Romania:

The Bridge from Cernavodă: Symbol of Romania’s Independence and the longest bridge in Europe at the end of the nineteenth century

Rebecca Burrow, USA:

A Bridge to Nowhere: Building the Astoria-Megler Bridge

Renato Morganti, Alessandra Tosone, Danilo Di Donato and Matteo Abita, Italy:

The short Span: Symbol and constructive nature of steel footbridges in Italy

Richard R. Dion, USA:

The Bridge Museum: An essential institution for our times

Rob Hedge, UK:

He carries his griefs on a shoulder: Archives of construction and collapse

Roberto Maggioni, Emanuela Zilio and Anna Giorgi, Italy and Germany:

The Alpine Range: a Bridge between Cultures

Roger H. White, UK:

Valley of Invention: bridges within the Ironbridge Gorge

Roger Pamponet da Fonseca and José Manoel Morales Sánchez, Brazil:

Emílio Henrique Baumgart (1889-1943): The Brazilian bridge builder of the firm Wayss & Freytag

Ronald Cox and Dermot O’Dwyer, Ireland:

Linking North and South: Ireland’s pioneering railway viaduct

Rosemary Kerr, Australia:

Bridging Europe and Asia: Crossing the Bosphorus


Rutger Noorlander, Ecuador:

Crossing the Ij river in Amsterdam: on the desirability of a connection

Sanja Peter, Sweden:

From Älvsborg bridge to Göta river bridge, and back

Sean Weiss, USA:

The Pont Mirabeau, Photography, and Urban Collectivities in Third Republic Paris

Senat Haliti and Margarita Azizi, Kosovo:

Arasta: I am Monument

Senem Kaymaz Koca and Jonathan Hale, Turkey and UK:

The Flesh of the Mostar Bridge: Merleau Ponty’s body toing and froing on Heidegger’s Bridge

Seyyed Akbar Shafaei, Iran:

Kheirabad caravansary-bridge most important connectivity of Fars-Kohgiluyeh and Arjan cultural landscape of Iran country

Shane Kelleher, UK:

A View of the Iron Bridge

Sharon J. Hepburn, Canada:

The Friendship Bridge on the Nepal-Tibet border: Liminality and the nation(s)

Shayan Khalesi & Pouyan Khalesi:

The sociological aspects of Isfahan bridges as binders of the subcultures

Shi Xiuyong, China:

City Symbols: Cultural Analysis of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge

Shu-yi WANG, Taiwan:

From Segregation to Social Inclusion – Bridging the Difficult Past

Sian Mitchell, UK:

The Poetic Bridge in the Nineteenth Century

Sigrun Prahl, Germany:

Bridges in Berlin: Before and after the reunification

Silvia Irene Arroyo Duarte, Panama:

History, conservation and maintenance of the colonial King´s bridge of Panama

Simon Ellis, Canada:

It’s all Water Over the Bridge’- Maintaining the flow on aqueducts as bridges

Sinah Kloß, Germany:

Constructions of the ‘Rich-Men-Bridge’: The Berbice Bridge and its Influence on a Hindu Community in Guyana

Sofia Vyzantiadou:

LitBridge- Connecting Cultures through Literature

Sofia Aleixo and Victor Mestre, Portugal:

Heritage interpretation of a Portuguese historic bridge

Soheila Hadipour Moradi and Mozhgan Hadipour Moradi, Iran:

Luristan Cultural Landscape: A glance at the xcapital of historical bridges in Iran (Sasanian and Early Islamic Periods)

Soner Sahin and Dilek Darby, Turkey:

Bridges as Shopping Streets: Irgandi Bridge in Turkey

Stefania Toma, Romania:

Real Bridges and Mental Borders in a Transylvanian Ethnically Mixed Community

Stelios Lekakis, UK:

Finds and uses under the bridge of Ilissos River in Athens

Stephen Jones, UK:

Web of Iron

Susan Clayton, France:

Wordspree Viaduct: Spanning with bridges or words

Tania Ali Soomro, Pakistan:

Historic Bridges of Pakistan Endorsing Communities

Tayeba Batool, Pakisan:

The City in Passing: How the Metro Bus on Overhead Bridges connects Time and Space

Timoleon Kouimtzoglou, Greece:

Plaka Bridge in Greece. Methodology and results of the geometric documentation of the main arch outline tracing

The Historical Stone Bridge of Plaka in Greece. Historical, architectural and constructional documentation after the collapse in 2015

Tom Gregory, UK:

Mostari: Bridge-keepers

Tonka Maric and Rafael Lopez Guzman, Spain:

Bridges as symbols of cultural identity: Bosnia-Herzegovina

Tony Seaton, Ireland:

From Telford and Stephenson to Haw’s “Brooklyn Bridge”: Revisiting the Menai Bridges as cultural history

Tosh Warwick, UK:

Bridging the World: Teesside’s Bridge – Building heritage and the Tees Transporter Bridge Visitor Experience Project

Trevor Hughes, France:

A Magnet for Troubled Souls

Ulf Zander, Sweden:

Ulf Zander, Professor of History, Lund University, Sweden Ulf Zander Department of History Lund University Box 192 221 00 Lund Sweden

Vacharee Svamivastu, Thailand:

The traditional Thai three-tier wingspread roofed bridge: An architectural structure with cultural and spiritual significance

Viviana Martini,Slovenia:

The significance of the bridge in the historic urban landscape among the history and future, metaphors and hints, dream and vision, challenge and wit

William Day, UK:

Menai Suspension Bridge: Maintaining an essential connection

William Fulton, New Zealand:

Bridge of Remembrance: World Wars and Earthquakes

Win Scutt,UK:

Tintagel, Cornwall – reconnecting a medieval fortress

Wojciech Eckert and Bartosz Michalak, Poland:

The historic steel bridge in Stany. Heritage preservation. Changing the function.

Xing Rong, China:

The design of Chinese Traditional Garden Bridge in the Summer Palace

Xiuyong Shi, China:

City Symbols

Yanwei Han, China:

Heritage Narratives, a Bridge for Transformation, Connection and Communication

Yi Fu and Hui Zhang, China:

The challenge to the conservation of Ancient Bridges: A Lesson from the Reconstruction of Covered Bridges in Taishun, China

Yilong Qiu,Chen Zhou, China:

The research on the structure and construction process of Chinese covered Bridges -Taking covered timber arch Bridge in Pingnan County for example

Yina Sima, UK:

Connected Space: The Changing form of Melbourne’s Skywalks

Ying-Li Peng:

Heritage Narratives, a Bridge for Transformation, Connection and Communication

Yuko Shibata, Australia:

Considering Historical Chasms in Stories of Hiroshima Peace Bridges

Zachary Barlow, Elizabeth Jamison and David Hurwitz, USA:

The Impact of Bridge and Road Developments on Rural Communities in the United States (1920-1950)

Zhou Dandan, China:

Rethinking on the Functions of Fortune Bridge of Dong Ethnic Minority in Contemporary China

Zhang Baoxiu and  Cheng Zhifen, China:

Bridges’ effect on the place-making of San Jiadian historic and cultural village in Beijing


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