Blog: Pub Walks

There are lots of pubs within an easy walk from the conference venue, including the Coalbrookdale Inn (just round the corner) and others along the Wharfage in Ironbridge (20 minute walk if you go directly). If it’s a nice evening you might fancy a more leisurely wander through the Gorge so we’ve put together some routes you might like to follow.

Pub Walks Map

Easy – Go direct

Walk out from the venue, past Enginuity Museum and out to the main road (Wellington Road). The Coalbrookdale Inn is about 300 meters away if you turn left.

Alternatively, turn right and walk straight along Wellington Road. Further along it becomes Dale Road but you just continue along it until you reach a small roundabout opposite a Vintage clothes shop. Turn left onto the Wharfage and take your pick of the pubs along the road.

Leisurely – along quiet roads through interesting places

This walk will take about half an hour and does include some steps (but all going downwards!)

Walk out from the conference venue up onto the main road (Wellington Road). Pretty much opposite is Church Road (with an old Methodist Chapel on the corner). Follow this road up the hill, past Holy Trinity Church and past some of the Gorge’s woodland, until you reach Lincoln Hill. Turn right on Lincoln Hill and take the second road on the left (Church Hill). Follow this road until you reach St Luke’s Church enjoying the high level views of the Gorge. When you reach the church go into the churchyard. It’s a great place to get an unusual view of the Iron Bridge! From the entrance to the churchyard immediately turn right down the steps. They lead under the churchyard itself and down into the centre of Ironbridge! You’ll come out on the Wharfage next to the Tontine pub, with a number of others spread out along the Wharfage.


Scenic – woodland walk (lots of steps!)

Scenic Woodland Route

You’ll need a little help from Severn Gorge Countryside Trust for this one! Download their Sabbath Walks trail ( or pick up a paper copy before you head off.

This walk starts from Church Road – leave the venue and walk out onto Wellington Road, then cross over onto Church Road and follow it up to near Holy Trinity Church. Opposite the church go through the gate and follow the path up into the woods. Turn by turn details are included in the Sabbath Walks trail leaflet but you can also follow the finger posts marked ‘Rotunda’. These will eventually bring you out at a high level viewpoint. From here there are about 200 steps leading down into the Gorge. You will come out on Paradise, a tiny street which you can follow down to the Wharfage where you can chose from a number of pubs.

The Sabbath Walks and the Rotunda

By Coralie Acheson

Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage


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