Keynote Speaker Announced

We are delighted to announce our first Keynote Speaker for BRIDGE: The Heritage of Connecting Places and Cultures will be David Blockley, Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol. Professor Blockley is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and was President of the Institution of Structural Engineers 2001-2. He is currently working on his latest book ‘Turning Dreams into Reality: What engineering is and why we need it’ due to be published by Oxford University Press later this year.

For his keynote address, Professor Blockley will draw inspiration from his recent book ‘Bridges: The science and art of the world’s most inspiring structures,’  and will discuss how the frequent outward beauty and elegance of bridges is underpinned by their principal duty to be efficient and effective structures. Bridges have become important symbols in social life representing  barriers, progress, ‘crossing over’, journeys to hope, and opportunities in  business, friendships, and understanding, They are sights/sites where lovers meet, deaths occur and ‘bungee jumping’ thrills can be experienced.

In this address and through various examples, Professor Blockley will explore how we can learn to ‘read’ the symbolism of a bridge, the harmonious blend of form, structure and function, to better understand the deeper meanings that bridges hold and the lessons they can impart with regard to the complex interdependencies that surround us.

To read more about Professor Blockley and see the full abstract for his keynote address, please click here


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